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Will the courier contact receiver before delivery?

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Will the courier contact receiver before delivery?
Category: Courier

Before delivery, the courier will contact the receiver by phone (if the phone number is indicated in the shipment data).

If the phone number is not provided or the receiver does not answer the call, the courier will go to the delivery address and try to deliver the shipment. If the receiver is not present or the address cannot be accessed (unknown door code, closed area, etc.), the courier will leave a message about the failed delivery in the recipient’s mailbox.

If the mailbox is not available, the courier will send a text message (SMS) about the delivery attempt to the recipient’s mobile phone (if available). In case the recipient cannot be reached in the above ways, a postal letter will be sent with information about the undelivered item to the recipient’s address (if it is specified).

Important: When ordering in online stores, the specified consignee’s phone number will be indicated in the shipment data and the courier will be able to use it only if the buyer has agreed to use his data for delivery purposes (by marking the appropriate box in the order window). If such a note is not made, the information about the consignee’s phone will not be transferred to the system and the courier will not have access to the consignee’s phone to contact before delivery, even though the phone will have been indicated when ordering.