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  Indoor parcel lockers – worth to prefer on hot summer days

During summer season, the quality of temperature-sensitive products is at risk when placed in parcel lockers exposed in sun. Too high temperature can  negatively affect the quality of cosmetics, medicine, food products as well as photo goods and electronics.  To avoid it we recommend indoor parcel lockers for the delivery of purchases.

Smartpost is the largest network of indoor parcel lockers in the Baltic States, and in cooperation with the parent company Posti – also in Finland. All Smartpost parcel lockers are located indoors – in shops, shopping malls and business centers.

When ordering goods, it is important to follow the storage temperature specified by the manufacturer. Many products need proper storage in hot weather or their quality may suffer.

Manufacturers and distributors also have to pay attention what storage temperature is suitable for their products and to offer appropriate shipping method so that the customer receives the product in the good quality.

Special attention – to medicines, cosmetics and food

Special attention should be paid to medicines and various cosmetic and food products. Food supplements, household chemicals, various aerosols, photo goods and electronics often are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. For example, maximum storage temperature of the product is +25°C.  If outside temperature is +20°C,  then inside parcel locker exposed in sun the temperature might be much higher than max storage temperature.   You might have noticed that temperature inside a car parked in the sun can rise incredibly high in a very short time.

Therefore, in hot weather it is worth sending goods either via indoor parcel locker or by courier who will deliver the goods according to the requirements.

Temperature and other climate influences are among the main reasons why Smartpost parcel lockers are located indoors. It is safe for parcel content and also convenient for parcel senders and receivers.

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