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How I need to pack my shipment?

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How I need to pack my shipment?
Category: Frequently asked questions

The shipment must be packaged in such a way that the contents of the shipment will not be damaged without damaging the outer packaging. Details of packaging requirements can be found here

Basic requirements:
All items to be delivered must be packaged;
No additional items may be affixed to the packaging;
Packaging must not have any loose edges or protruding parts;
Shipments must be with such inner and outer packaging as is necessary to prevent damage to the contents of the shipment:
1. during handling of shipment at any angles;
2. during handling on automated sorting conveyor lines must be capable of withstanding diagonal drops from a height of 100 cm ;
3. during handling and transportation must be capable of withstanding the weight of 4-5 similar packages placed on top of it  (excessively large boxes with little content may be crushed, while overfilled packaging may tear open)
It is advisable to always use new high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes. For fragile or heavy shipments, 2 to 3 cardboard layers are recommended.
Film, paper or cloth packaging material shall not be considered as a durable outer packaging
The inner packaging must allow the contents of the shipment to remain fixed during handling
The inner packaging should be used in such a way that it completely fills the free space inside the box (please use  foam rubber, bubble wrap, plastic shredding, corrugated cardboard, etc.)