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What should I consider when creating shipments to the UK?

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What should I consider when creating shipments to the UK?
Category: Frequently asked questions

When sending Itella your shipments to the United Kingdom (UK), starting from 21.12.2020, it is necessary to submit documents for customs formalities.

Please send the following documents to

  • goods accompanying documents (invoice/ specification/ packing slip)
  • completed customs consignment form

We also ask you to warn your buyers in the UK that upon receiving the goods ordered after 01.01.2021, the recipients will have to pay duties and taxes on them, depending on the value of the goods and the product code (type).

If you as a sender need additional support in preparing documents and completing formalities, please contact us by email at, and our declarants will certainly help you.

Comprehensive information for entrepreneurs related to Brexit can be found on the website of the SRS