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What should the recipient do if a damaged package is delivered?

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What should the recipient do if a damaged package is delivered?
Category: Frequently asked questions

At the time of package delivery, the recipient must assess the package’s outer packaging in the presence of the courier.

If the package is damaged and no damage report or damage sticker is attached to the package, the recipient must request the courier to note the damage and receive a damage report, which is completed in two copies in the presence of the Itella courier and signed by the recipient and the courier. One copy of the damage report is given to the recipient. If not only the packaging but also the contents of the package are damaged, the recipient must notify the Sender no later than 7 days after delivery. The sender has the right to submit a claim to Itella by filling out the application and attaching photos of the damage and the invoice for the goods.

If the package is not damaged and the damage to the contents is discovered only after opening the package, in such a case the responsibility of the carrier (Itella) is not determined, because sufficient packaging was not used for safe transportation of the package. In case of questions and uncertainties, the Sender can contact Itella by writing to for analysis of the situation.