How to send a parcel by Smartpost

How to send a parcel by Smartpost

Step 1. Pack your parcel

Pack all the items securely into a single box and seal it firmly with packing tape. → Packaging guide

Write on the parcel: 

  • name, surname and mobile number of the Recipient;
  • name, surname and mobile number of the Sender

If possible, print a postage label and attach it to the parcel.

Be sure to have your bank card with you, since the Smartpost online shop will require a card payment.

Step 2. Go to and create your order

At choose your destination country.

Choose the size of the parcel that is the close to your package size. Keep ~1 cm reserve to each side- so your parcel can be easily inserted and taken out from locker.

Sender’s information

Fill in all fields marked with *.

If you are sending on behalf of company, click on “Add company info for invoice”

Recipient’s information

Fill in all fields marked with *.


Choose the way of payment and proceed. 

When the payment is done, you will receive SMS and e-mail with your Smartpost terminal name and address, locker No. and PIN, for locker door opening.

Please note!

Your PIN code for parcel drop-off is valid till your chosen Smartpost terminal is open next day.

Make sure both Sender’s and Recipient’s names and phone No. are clearly  written on the parcel. It is very important and allows Smartpost to deliver your parcel to recipient safely and in time.

Step 3. Go to Smartpost terminal and put parcel in locker

Go to your Smartpost terminal and find your locker by number you received in SMS.

Make sure your locker’s door is closed before you start to enter the PIN.

Enter your PIN. Door will open.

Put the parcel in the locker and close the door.

Put only one parcel in one locker.

Check that the door is completely closed, to prevent parcel losses

Recipient will be notified by SMS when parcel arrives to its destination.

Parcel storage time

The default storage time is 7 calendar days from the time of arrival in destination point in Smartpost terminal and 14 days in Smartpost parcel point.

If parcel is not picked up by Recipient during storage time it will be returned to local warehouse and Sender will be contacted by Itella Customer Service for further actions.

Ready to send your parcel by Smartpost?