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Smartpost parcel delivery prices in Latvia

Smartpost parcel delivery prices in Latvia

SizeParcel dimensions (H x W x L)Parcel weightDelivery to parcel locker or parcel pointDelivery to the address (by courrier)
XSup to 5 x 34 x 42 cmup to 5 kg1,79 €3,99 €
Sup to 12 x 34 x 42 cmup to 35 kg2,19 €5,19 €
Mup to 20 x 34 x 42 cmup to 35 kg3,09 €6,99 €
Lup to 34 x 36 x 42 cmup to 35 kg3,99 €8,79 €
XLup to 60 x 36 x 60 cmup to 35 kg5,79 €14,89 €
Table features delivery prices including 21% VAT.

It is not possible to order and pay for the shipment at Smartpost parcel locker – you can do it online, in the Smartpost self-service website → New Shipment.

Learn more → How to send a parcel

Prices are valid from 5.12.2022

Smartpost parcel size guide

If the parcel is of the maximum allowed width and height, we recommend you choose a larger locker to make it easier for the addressee to retrieve the parcel from the locker.

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