Moving to new premises

The new home of the Itella office, warehouse and shipping terminal from September 4, 2020, will be the industrial park GREEN PARK in Marupe, near the Riga International Airport.

When choosing the new location, we took into account the location of GREEN PARK, the quality of materials and technological solutions used in construction, opportunities for further growth. The location of GREEN PARK near the airport “Riga”, the short distance to the city centre, as well as the pronounced tendency of this area to become a centre of logistics service providers, were important reasons for our choice.

Itella has been in the existing premises in Ciedra, Ķekava Parish, for enough long time, therefore, recently following the rapid growth, there was an objective need to look for expansion opportunities.

During the construction process of GREEN PARK, special attention is paid to ensuring the maximum energy efficiency of the building and the use of innovative technologies, using the latest generation of programmable LED lighting, heating and cooling system with panels in the walls, as well as other latest technologies.

Itella mother company POSTI is actively involved in global warming reduction initiatives, so the relocation of Itella to Green Park is an important step in supporting this initiative.

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